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Join us for a special event next Wednesday, September 6th at 12pm EST.

Me Time: It’s OK to Take a Break from It All

  • Heath Adams Interviews Don Donzal
  • Q&A With Heath, Don, Zach Hill, and Joe Hudson
  • Special Announcement
  • Giveaway!! Registration Required to Win


We offer a full suite of consulting options, including vulnerability scanning, external and internal networks, web applications, API, mobile, wireless, physical, social engineering, PCI-DSS compliance testing, and auditing packages.


Our team of industry professional instructors developed over 17 cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses focused on teaching the hands-on practical skills and knowledge that employers are looking for in their candidates.


The only industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications that test your talent through simulating real-world engagements and scenarios. You won’t find any flags to capture or multiple-choice questions on any of the TCM Security certification exams.

Me Time: It’s OK to Take a Break from It All

Join Heath Adams as he interviews Don Donzal, cyber security executive and founder of The Ethical Hacker Network, and get insights on burnout, sabbaticals and finding purpose in this crazy industry of ours. They’ll tackle tough questions such as… What kind of impact can I make on the world, my community, my family, or even myself? Does it even matter? Am I just being selfish in thinking this way when there are bills to pay, mouths to feed and a world in flux? Let’s assume you do matter and thinking about such questions is not only unselfish but healthy. One must then ask further questions. What do I want? What should I avoid? What makes me happy? How can I make a difference?

Heath and Don will then be joined by TCM’s own Zach Hill and Joe Hudson for a lengthy audience participation session on mental health, career advancement and life changes. Be sure to stay until the very end as Heath has a special announcement on the future of TCM and some prizes to give away.

Register & Show Up to Win

During the live stream, we will be giving away:

Third Prize: Annual All-Access Membership
Second Prize: TCM Security Certification Exam Voucher (PNPT, PJPT, PJMR)
Grand Prize*: TCM Security Swag Bag (All the Above + Tshirt + Hat + Stickers)

*Grand Prize winners MUST reside in the United States.


At the end of this live stream Heath Adams and TCM Security will be announcing some very exciting news that will set the stage for a future of even more innovation and growth.


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