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Embarking on a journey to learn programming can be both exciting and challenging. Our new course is designed with the beginner in mind, focusing on the essentials of clean, efficient coding, with a unique twist: we’re integrating AI to help you along the way.


About This Course

What sets this course apart is our practical approach to learning. You won’t just study coding principles; you’ll apply them as you go. By incorporating AI tools, you’ll learn to not only write code but also to improve your process with the latest technology.


Course Highlights

In a concise two-hour curriculum, we’ll cover:

  • Fundamentals of Program Building: From understanding the problem to devising a solution, you’ll learn each step.
  • Development Environment Setup: You’ll get hands-on experience setting up the tools you need to start coding.
  • First Coding Experience: With AI guidance, your initial lines of code will be efficient and effective.
  • Debugging: Identifying and fixing bugs is a crucial skill you’ll practice.
  • Code Refinement: Learn to refine and optimize your code for better performance and readability.
  • Deployment: We’ll guide you through taking your code live and managing it post-launch.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for:

  • Beginners wanting to learn coding with best practices from the start.
  • Programmers interested in exploring how AI can enhance their workflow.
  • Anyone aiming to improve their efficiency in coding and development.

System Requirements

Participants will need a computer with at least 8GB RAM, 256GB HDD, an up-to-date OS, internet browser, and a stable internet connection.

Join Us

If you’re interested in a straightforward, efficient way to learn programming and want to know how AI can streamline your workflow, this course is the perfect starting point. Enhance your skills at your own pace, with all the support you need.

Check out the course here: https://academy.tcm-sec.com/p/programming-with-ai

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