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The demand for skilled web application penetration testers is still ever-increasing and we are proud to introduce the Practical Junior Web Tester (PJWT) certification. This certification is designed to validate the skills of aspiring web application penetration testers. It focuses on practical, hands-on skills that are crucial to success for any penetration tester.

Who is it for?

The PJWT certification is for:

  • Beginner web application penetration testers looking to validate their skills.
  • Anyone with some experience in web application development looking to gain some experience with security.
  • Experience network penetration testers looking to expand their skill set to web application penetration testing.
  • Those that have completed the Practical Bug Bounty course.
  • People who have a keen interest in web applications and how they can be exploited.

It is ideal for those who have a fundamental understanding of web applications and a passion for cybersecurity. Whether you’re a recent graduate, an IT professional seeking to switch careers, or a self-taught enthusiast in web security, this certification is your stepping stone towards becoming a proficient penetration tester.

What does the exam entail?

The PJWT exam is a rigorous assessment that simulates real-world scenarios. Candidates are tasked to perform a penetration test and produce a professional report. The exam covers a wide range of vulnerabilities, demanding both automated and manual testing techniques. 

  • Duration: 4 days total (2 days for testing, 2 days for report submission)
  • Format: Practical penetration test and report writing
  • Environment: Hosted web application accessible via VPN

How do I know if I’m ready?

The PJWT is designed to test you against real-world vulnerabilities covered in the Practical Bug Bounty Course. If you have completed the course and exercises, taken good notes, then you are ready to take the exam. 

Tips to pass

  • Prioritize impactful vulnerabilities. 
  • Find a balance between automated and manual testing. Use tools efficiently but don’t overlook the power of manual testing, especially for logic-based vulnerabilities.
  • Take regular breaks and don’t neglect your hydration and sleep. 2 days is more than enough time to clear the exam, so no need to panic.
  • Stay within the scope and adhere to the rules of engagement to avoid disqualification.


The PJWT certification is more than just a credential; it’s a testament to your practical skills in web application penetration testing. This certification prepares you for real-world challenges, ensuring that you’re not just knowledgeable, but also capable of applying your skills effectively. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your career and improve your skills and methodology.

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